Secure and independent Whistleblowing Solution
Deploy CSI Compliance Hotline—independent and efficient tool to collect all whistleblowing information
What is CSI Compliance Hotline
CSI Compliance Hotline is an effective and secure solution for receiving information from employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of the company about:

  • violations of internal polices and ethical standards;
  • fraud, security breaches and other wrongdoings
  • inefficiency in business processes and internal issues.
Why companies choose
CSI Compliance Hotline
Compliance Hotline Contact Center
3+ communication channels:
phone, e-mail, telegram, etc.
Professional operators
We speak the language of your employees and contractors
Confidentiality and secure feedback system

Compliance Case Management System
EU and Russian personal data protection legislation compliance
Case Management System with segregation of roles, duties and access to information
Online case management
system & automated statistics and reporting
Compliance with FCPA,
UK Bribery Act, SAPIN II, ISO37001
How Hotline works
Operators collect all reports provided via all channels by your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We analyze and mark all significant details such as relevant names, place & time, violation type, etc. All reports are processed in CSI Compliance Case Management System;
Collecting reports
CSI Compliance Hotline automatically informs responsible employees from your company about compliance breach or send reports to your Compliance Officer/Committee. Personal data of a whistleblower is not disclosed. We guarantee the highest level of the confidentiality and anonymity (unless otherwise is stated by whistleblower).
Your employees can proceed work with cases through CSI Compliance Case Management System. Allocation of employees responsible for investigation, investigation workflow and investigation reports are managed and controlled via the system.
CSI Compliance Hotline provides easy and secure online mechanism for communication with whistleblower on additional details of the case or information about investigation results.
Secure communication
Our offering
CSI Compliance Contact Center:
  • Toll free phone number, email, Web Form, Telegram, WhatsApp;
  • Operators' Working hours: 8-20 Mon-Fri (Moscow Time);
  • VoiceMail 24x7.
Hotline Starter
CSI Compliance Case Management System with standard workflow.
Box version of the CSI Compliance Case Management System.
Online reporting and analytics.
CSI Compliance Contact Center.
Hotline Advanced
Customized CSI Compliance Case Management System tailored for your business processes.
    Hotline promotion and compliance development support:
    • Hotline webpage, digital promo & printed materials (presentations, leaflets, videos, banners for social networks, etc.)
    • Training events for management and responsible employees
      Onboarding trainings for management and responsible employees.
      Documentary support: review and update of internal documents related to implementation of CSI Compliance Hotline
      How we work
      Analysis and update
      Analysis and update of corporate compliance policies of your company.
      Setup & PR
      Setup of the CSI Compliance Hotline customized for your business processes and organizational structure;

      Development of a PR and marketing campaign to promote Hotline and
      Compliance standards among employees, customers and suppliers.
      Onboarding Trainings
      Onboarding Trainings of your compliance team and other stakeholders on CSI Compliance Hotline.
      Continuous operation
      CSI Group operators handle calls and messages received via all channels;

      All reports are managed and investigated using CSI Compliance Case Management System;

      Reporting and statistics on all Hotline operations are available online.
      Who we are
      24 international forensic experts.

      53 countries completed projects

      500 successfully delivered projects in the areas of Forensics, Business Intelligence and Compliance.

      Digital forensic laboratories and E-Discovery platforms in Russia and Europe.

      CSI Group – professional forensic and security service provider founded in 2013 and specialized on providing complex solution to international corporations and law-firms in areas of fraud prevention, dispute resolution, cyber security and compliance.

      Our team combines diversified skill-sets from various professional areas such as fraud investigation, corporate intelligence, anti-corruption law compliance, cybersecurity and computer forensics to ensure our clients receiving first-hand information about violations in the company.

      To get more information and the quote please contact CSI Group Compliance Hotline leader — Andrey Osipov.

      Andrey Osipov, MBA
      Compliance hotlines and corporate Intelligence Practice

      Since 2016 Andrey has been developing and implementing CSI Compliance Hotline for CSI Group clients.

      18+ years experience in corporate intelligence, corporate research, due diligence of legal entities and individuals, assessment of counterparties under KYC programs and in M&A process, as well as in corporate conflicts.

      Andrey's team took part in international projects in more than 45 countries, including Russia, the USA, the Baltic countries, Europe, etc.
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